About Granny's Recipe Book...

Recipes from the family and friends. A lot of these are from my wife (granny), her mother, her daughters (including Fiona), her son (Russell), who was a baker and pastry cook, a pastry chef and sweets chef at numerous restaurants including the Red Ochre in Alice Springs. Grand children have contributed (Marcus was a chef in the RAAF, Lee worked at the Royal Mail in Dunkeld and now heads up a large catering organisation in Queensland) and of course Fiona's kids Xavier and Meredith. Also contributing were my sister, mother, cousins, other grand kids, and other friends and relatives. Some of these recipes are untested because they come from old hand written notes, some over 100 years old, and cooked using old wood ovens.
If you would like to contribute a recipe please use the contacts page to detail your recipe.

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If you have a need for gluten free recipes then we will be able to help you meet you needs. In this site are range of gluten free recipes, with more to come.

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